Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Project Wardrobe: Day Two

In an unfortunate turn of events, I somehow managed to contract an evil sickness which kept me in bed all day yesterday, so today has defaulted to day two of my challenge.

My inner shopaholic is already showing signs of cardiac arrest (that must be why I was so sick yesterday....because I'm not allowed to buy anything!), but I'm actually pleasantly surprised at the items I already own! (Don't tell anyone, but I may or may not have gone crazy in Priceline this morning and bought some new makeup......shhhhhhh...)

Today's outfit details:

Boots//Ruby Shoes
Rings//Lovisa, Collete & My Grandma's Wedding Ring
Watch//Michael Kors

Going to a huge fashion event tomorrow night, so my next outfit will be a little bit spesh....stay tuned!

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