Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Just a Little Bit Obsessed....

I have always had an insatiable appetite for new things. New clothes, shoes, furniture, hair colours, and also make up.

Make up is one of my favourite things in the whole world (I sound super girly now, hey) and with good reason! With just a few simple techniques, you can enhance your best features and minimise your not so great ones, bring colour to your face when it's not there, hide blemishes, etc, etc.

So with my new mission to not buy any new clothes, I had to find something else to buy right? Insert make up to fill the void.

Here is a snapshot of the make up I have bought recently......please don't judge me!

Make up organiser//IKEA
Foundation//Nars Sheer Glow in Light 4, Mecca Maxima
Primer//Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating, Mecca Maxima
Lipstick//BYS in Rasberry Kisses, Cosmetics Plus
             //BYS in Black Amethyst, Cosmetics Plus
             //BYS in Sparkle Baby, Cosmetics Plus
Lip Gloss//Essence XXXL Shine in Pink, Priceline
Eyeliner//Maybelline Master Precise Liquid in Black, Priceline
Blush//Nars in Orgasm

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